Visit of the ECOWAS Institutions in Togo

Under the presidency of ECOWAS, President of the Council of Ministers of ECOWAS, the Foreign Minister of Togo, Prof. Robert Dussey and ECOWAS Commission President Marcel Alain de Souza held a working session today at the ECOWAS headquarters in Lomé. This meeting allowed the two personalities to visit all the ECOWAS Institutions represented in the […]


Cooperation at regional level

The foreign ministers of Burkina Faso and Mali, respectively Alpha Barry and Abdoulaye Diop, arrived in Lomé on Sunday to attend the second edition of the Spring of Cooperation.


Strengthening cooperation with Zambia

Foreign Minister Robert Dussey is on a 48-hour official visit to Zambia at the invitation of his counterpart, Harry Kalaba. There was talk of reinvigorating political and economic cooperation between the two countries. They also decided to proceed in the near future to the cancellation of visas between Togo and Zambia. The two ministers reaffirmed […]


Robert Dussey invites German businessmen to come to Lome in April

During an economic conference organized in Bonn on Friaday by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Foreign Minister of Togo Robert Dussey invited German businessmen to come many in Lomé from next 3rd to 5th April in the occasion of the ‘Spring of cooperation Togo-Germany ‘. This is the second edition of this year’s Forum with […]


Conseil de l’Entente: approved Programme and Budget for 2017

Foreign Ministers of the States members of the Council of the agreement (EC) approved Monday in Lome, the project program/2017 of the executive secretariat of the subregional organization, after two days of conclave of experts last week, found a knowledge News reporter.