Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese Abroad - Togo
Chief Negotiator of ACP Group for Post-Cotonou 2020 agreement - Professor of Political Philosophy

Prof. Robert Dussey

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese Abroad - Togo
Chief Negotiator of ACP Group for Post-Cotonou 2020 agreement - Professor of Political Philosophy


  1. H.E. Prof. Robert DUSSEY, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad paid an official visit to Turkey, from May 31 to June 2, 2021, at the invitation of HE Mr. MevlĂŒt ÇAVUSOGLU, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.
  2. This visit, which follows the visit of the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs on July 20, 2020, in Lomé, illustrates the excellent quality of the relations of friendship and cooperation which unite Turkey and Togo.
  3. During his stay in Ankara, Minister DUSSEY had a meeting with the Minister of National Defense and a working session with his Turkish counterpart, HE Mr. MevlĂŒt ÇAVUSOGLU, with whom he had fruitful discussions on questions of interest. common.
  4. At the bilateral level, Ministers DUSSEY and ÇAVUSOGLU welcomed the happy and encouraging development of cooperation relations between their countries which continue to strengthen further. This is evidenced by the opening this year of the diplomatic mission and the appointment of the Turkish Ambassador to Togo. They reaffirmed their determination to deepen cooperation between their countries in the fields of economy, trade and education in particular.
  5. In this sense, an economic and commercial cooperation agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding have been signed by the two Parties. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Togolese Republic and the Maarif Foundation of Turkey was also signed, in order to allow this institution to carry out its statutory object relating in particular to education and training at all levels.
  6. In the same spirit, the Government of the Togolese Republic has announced the opening of an Embassy in the Republic of Turkey.
  7. In Istanbul, Prof. Robert DUSSEY met a delegation from the Council for External Economic Relations, the Chairman of the Maarif Foundation and had a working lunch with members of the Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen (MUSIAD). He took the opportunity to discuss investment opportunities in Togo by presenting the business framework as well as the main projects contained in the 2020-2025 government roadmap. This presentation received a favorable response from its interlocutors. Economic days and fairs will be organized alternately in Turkey and Togo in order to further promote business relations and exchanges between the two countries.
  8. He welcomed the creation of “Bosphorus Trade Center”, an instrument whose main mission is to encourage investments and promote trade and economic relations between Turkey and its partners.
  9. Prof. Robert DUSSEY sent his warm congratulations to the Turkish government and private sector for the holding, on March 24 and 25, 2021 in Ankara, of the Global Cooperation Industries Forum in which a delegation of Togolese economic operators took part.
  10. At the regional level, the two Ministers welcomed the commitment and interest that Their Excellencies Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE of Togo and Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN of Turkey accord to the development of their countries in peace and stability. They commended their eloquent contributions to the search for and maintenance of peace and security in their respective regions.
  11. At the international level, the two Ministers reiterated the commitment of their countries to remain mobilized in the search for international peace and security. They also welcomed their convergence of views regarding the pooling of their efforts in international forums to achieve the objectives of peace, security and development, dear to their peoples and to the international community.
  12. Regarding the coronavirus pandemic which continues to worsen, the two Ministers commended the efforts of the international community and, faced with the considerable damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, appealed with all their wishes, to the lifting of the patents on the related vaccines so that this disease and its harmful effects can be quickly contained.
  13. At the end of his stay, Minister DUSSEY expressed his deep gratitude to the Turkish authorities for the warm welcome extended to him and for the facilities granted to him and his delegation during their stay.

Done in Ankara, June 02, 2021.

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