Opening of the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Council of the entente

Robert Dussey opened Monday in Lome meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Council of the entente (Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Togo).

This regional organization chaired by Faure Gnassingbé intends to play a political role but especially economic development.

Indeed, Mr. Dussey recalled that the aim of the Council was to implement 'major projects, under regional vocation which must accelerate the strengthening of cooperation.'

Among the mentioned priorities, electrification, sanitation and the training of experts in road and rail infrastructure.

"We have to establish a true partnership, only way to strengthen between our economies that remain fragile, stressed Mr. Dussey.

He called on Member States to cultivate a climate of peace, security, solidarity and mutual understanding necessary for economic and social development hard

Political dialogue between Togo and the European Union in Lome

This annual meeting, established in accordance with article 8 of the ACP – EU partnership agreement allows to do the update on political developments and cooperation and Exchange on political, economic and social issues.

The 17th session of the political dialogue between the Togolese Government and the European Union opened Monday morning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cooperation and African integration. The meeting is co-chaired by Minister Robert Dussey and the head of the delegation of the EU to Togo, Nicolas Berlanga Martinez.

Discussions between the two parties will focus on socio-political issues, including the process of decentralization, trade, investment and regional integration, the passage of Togo before the Council of the human rights of the United Nations as well as on maritime security and terrorist threats.

At the opening, the European Union congratulated Togo for the success of the Summit on maritime security and development in Africa held in October.

Minister Dussey testified on the recognition of Togo to the EU for its support in the Organization of the Summit said.

In addition to Professor Dussey, Ministers Gilbert Bawara, Damehane Yark, Payadowa bloom, Pius Agbetomey and Victoire Tomegah-Dogbé participate in dialogue, on the Togolese side.

For the European Union, have note, outside the presence of Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, the presence of the Ambassador of France in Togo, Marc Fonbaustier, Mr. Stéphane De Loecker of Belgium, Tove Degnbol of Denmark, Giovanni Favilli of Italy, Ron Strikker of Netherlands, Rafael Teck responsible for acting in the Germany business, etc.