Prof. Robert Dussey

Ministre des Affaires Etrangères, de la Coopération et de l'Intégration Africaine du Togo
Togo will be the first country to ratify the Charter of Lomé

Members have indeed adopted Friday the text authorising this ratification.

'By completing this formality, our country reaffirms so his commitment and his determination to fight alongside the African Union maritime insecurity in order to ensure not only its development but also that of other African countries working especially for the promotion of the blue economy', said Robert Dussey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the end of the vote.

The Lomé Charter, a tool that is binding, worn on the prevention and repression of crime at sea, including terrorism, piracy, flights armed robbery against ships, smuggling of drugs, trafficking people, undeclared illegal fishing and the prevention of pollution at sea.

The document promotes the development of blue, respectful of the environment and sustainable economy.  

This title including the Charter provides for the implementation of a common policy of fisheries and aquaculture for the conservation, management and exploitation of fish stocks and enact effective measures against illegal fishing.

The ambition of Togo is to bring this Charter at the United Nations. This will require that it be ratified by a majority of African countries.