Robert Dussey: “economic diplomacy at the service of the development of our country”

Robert Dussey, the Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, is the guest of ETALK on Gabon24 in partnership with Afrique Inside. In this interview the minister addresses the ambitions and objectives of the bilateral cooperation between Germany and Togo with the benefits of the establishment of the Germano-African Francophone Chamber of Commerce for Africa.

Togo organized the Spring of the German-Togolese Cooperation from 2 to 5 April last in Lomé. Germany is coming into force in West Africa and it is in Togo that Berlin has decided to deploy its strategy, taking advantage of its privileged relations with Lomé and its strategic position with the Autonomous Port of Lomé. A nice coup on the diplomatic level from Togo will assume the presidency of ECOWAS in June. Interview by Samantha Ramsamy for Gabon24.

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Togo’s Head of State receives German parliamentary delegation

President Faure Gnassingbé received on Tuesday Johannes Selle, chairman of the German-Togo Friendship Group in the Bundestag and his other colleagues from the Parliament who came to Lome to participate in the ‘Spring of Cooperation’, an economic conference devoted to the development of economic exchanges between Togo and Germany.

A Forum opened this year to the countries of the hinterland.

The German delegation also included Peter Stein, Vice-Chairman of the Bundestag Friendship Group, Stephan Meyer, Rapporteur (CDU / CSU) on the Committee on Internal Policy, Margaret Horb, Finance Committee member, Tilo Braune, State Transport, and Christine Deibert, Managing Director of TurnKey Management, who has just signed an agreement to build social housing and a sanitation network.

Signing of an investment agreement between the planning minister and a German company.

A joint water treatment and purification project and another on social housing were announced Tuesday in Lomé on the occasion of the ‘Spring of Cooperation’, an Economic Forum between Togo and Germany.

The German company TKM (TurnKey Management) will be responsible for both.

Its head Christine Deibert who signed Tuesday a memorandum of understanding in this sense with Fiatuwo Kwadjo Sessenou, the Minister of Town Planning and Living. He was accompanied by Foreign Minister Robert Dussey.

“This is a real boost to the pilot project already underway to allow Togolese to have access to social housing at lower costs in sanitized areas,” said the minister.

The projects also include a technology transfer.

The second edition of the Spring of Cooperation Germany – Togo

The annual meeting of cooperation between Togo and Germany opened on Monday in a famous hotel in Lomé.

This ‘Spring of Cooperation’ brings together German and Togolese companies, members of the Bundestag and representatives of chambers of commerce and trade organizations in both countries.

For the first time, the countries of the hinterland (Burkina-Faso, Mali and Niger) were invited.

This Forum, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, illustrates the orientation that President Faure Gnassingbé wanted to give to his foreign policy. Economic diplomacy must be the cornerstone of new alliances in order to enable its country to reconnect with growth and ensure development.

At the opening of the conference, Foreign Minister Robert Dussey welcomed the consolidation of the reciprocal and renewed commitment of Germany and Togo through the presence of a strong German delegation especially Marked by its opening to the countries of the hinterland and to our sub-regional organizations.

This mobilization, he said, is the expression of Togo’s clear will to stimulate the creation of innovative and concrete partnerships between our Community area and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Mr. Dussey recalled the many strengths of Togo, a country of services, a hub to the States of the subregion, a favorable climate for private investment, fiscal incentives, etc.

During his speech, the head of the Togolese diplomacy announced the creation of a Chamber of Commerce Germano-Francophone African countries in order to give a regional touch to the cooperation.

Robert Dussey had at his side his colleagues from Burkina, Mali and Niger.

Cooperation at regional level

The foreign ministers of Burkina Faso and Mali, respectively Alpha Barry and Abdoulaye Diop, arrived in Lomé on Sunday.

They were joined in the evening by their colleague from Niger, Ibrahim Yacouba.

These three countries are the guests of the ‘Spring of Cooperation’, a conference organized by Togo from Monday and aimed at strengthening the partnership with Germany.

German businessmen and members of the Bundestag will participate in the 3-day meeting.

The foreign ministry behind this forum, which was held last year for the first time, wished to associate the countries of the hinterland whose economies are linked to that of Togo. In particular, the port of Lomé is also the port of Burkina, Mali and Niger.

The creation of a German-French-African Francophone Chamber of Commerce (CCPAF) should be announced at the end of the conference.