Working visit to Algeria : Press Release





September 18 and 19, 2019

1- At the invitation of his counterpart HE Sabri BOUKADOUM, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, HE Prof. Robert DUSSEY, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese Abroad of the Togolese Republic, paid an official visit to Algiers on 18-19 September 2019.

2- During this visit, Minister Robert DUSSEY was received in audience by the President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, HE Abdelkader BENSALLAH.

3- He also had a working session with his Algerian counterpart during which the two ministers discussed issues of common interest, including cooperation between the two countries.

4. Minister DUSSEY congratulated the Government and the Algerian people for the responsible and peaceful conduct of the political situation in Algeria and wished for a successful resolution of the political process under way.

5- Referring to the long-standing friendship and cooperation relations between Togo and Algeria, which have been enshrined in several bilateral agreements since 1976, the two Ministers expressed their desire to work closely together for development and deepening of these relationships.

6- To this end, they agreed on the need to update agreements already signed, with a view to better adapting them to the current context and signing new agreements in areas that were not covered by the previous agreements .

7- The two ministers signed a memorandum of understanding on the periodic political consultations between the two countries and adopted a roadmap with the priority actions of their bilateral cooperation.

8. They also agreed on the forthcoming signing of several cooperation agreements in the fields of trade, transport, vocational training, higher education, communication and culture.

9- Minister BOUKADOUM also announced the forthcoming opening of a Lomé-Alger direct airline by Air Algérie.

10- Addressing development issues, HE Prof. DUSSEY recalled that Togo has adopted a National Development Plan (PND) in three areas that provides for 65% private financing and wanted the Algerian private sector to take advantage of the business opportunities that are offered in the framework of this Plan, by establishing partnerships with the Togolese private sector.

11- To this end, an Algerian-Togolese Business Council will be created and meetings between Togolese and Algerian businessmen will be organized to identify investment opportunities.

12- The two parties have agreed on the signing of a mutual visa waiver agreement for citizens holding diplomatic or service passports.

13- The Algerian side has also announced the forthcoming opening of a diplomatic branch in Lomé.

14- With a view to further strengthening the relations of cooperation between the two States, the two Ministers agreed on the need to prepare together an upcoming official visit of S.E.M Faure GNASSINGBE to Algeria. The date of this visit will be agreed upon through the diplomatic channel.

Done at Algiers on 19 September 2019

Welcome speech from Prof. Robert DUSSEY at the interministerial meeting of the ECCAS-ECOWAS Joint Summit

Ladies and gentlemen, Ministers of ECOWAS,
Ladies and gentlemen Ministers of ECCAS,
Mr. President of the ECOWAS Commission,
Mr. Secretary General of ECCAS,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Togo feels honored every time it hosts an event of this level. I would like, on behalf of the President of the Togolese Republic and President-in-Office of ECOWAS, Mr. Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, to welcome you to our cosmopolitan city where no visitor is foreign.

You are at home and I invite you to feel at ease. The Latin poet and playwright Terence, to whom some people of African origins, said in a very Togolese accent: “I am a man, and I do not consider anything human as foreign to me.” Anyone who visits Togo sees and lives his regime humanist of hospitality. For Togo, the reception of the other, whoever he may be, wherever he comes from, is more than a duty. The human being wherever it happens, said the philosopher Kant in his book Project of perpetual peace, has the right to hospitality. Moreover, the value of hospitality is one of the values ​​that our African societies still have to teach in the world. You will not deny me!

Ministers, dear colleagues,

Your presence in Lome responds to an imperative of the day: that of interregional cooperation to better face some of the crucial common challenges facing our two regions. It reflects the empowering or empowering option of ECCAS and ECOWAS for working in cooperation. I welcome this spirit between our two regional communities and remain convinced that the integration project at the African level requires strengthening regional and interregional cooperation. The joint organization of this summit is an example of successful intra-African cooperation.

We need to intensify cooperation between our communities. The joint organization of this ECCAS and ECOWAS summit on peace, security, stability and the fight against violent extremism and terrorism is proof that interregional cooperation is under way in Africa. Cooperation, by its Latin etymology, means working together on a common work. ECCAS and ECOWAS have understood that together we must take responsibility for the security of our interregional space and the Summit of Heads of State and Government of 30 July which will be sanctioned by a joint declaration is a very important one. beautiful illustration.
Violent extremism and terrorism, wherever they may be, threaten peace and stability wherever they may be. By coming together to face the extremist and terrorist dangers together, our two communities have taken the measure of danger and realized that synergistic action is a guarantee of effectiveness. By taking the initiative of this summit, the two Presidents-in-Office of ECCAS and ECOWAS as well as the two Community Institutions have understood that the form taken today by the security challenges and the uncertainties they induce in terms of development and human security makes synergistic action indispensable. The challenge being collective, the response or the action must be too.
Security is a vital human need, a community and interregional public good that we must defend at all costs. “There are just wars,” says André MALRAUX in one of his books whose title is L’espoir. The war against terrorism and for regional and interregional security and stability is a just war. No progress and human development without peace and security.

The military response is needed against the danger of extremism and terrorism, but it is not a sufficient remedy. Our two regions are destined to win the war against ignorance, radicalization, fundamentalism and extremism. It is a question of weaning the terrorism of its favorable grounds by the prevention which implies the education with lucidity. It is through lucid education that we will be right about the indoctrination, radicalism and extremism that feeds terrorism. To overcome terrorism, we must win the fight of education, here understood in the holistic sense of the term.
By reiterating my fraternal welcome to our capital, in your capital, I wish you a pleasant and pleasant stay in Lome.

Thank you.

Songs, dances and exhibitions at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs on May 24

Open on Monday, the Week of African Integration continues in Lomé. On Wednesday, Togolese and foreign participants attended several cultural performances given by African communities in Togo, including the DRC, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Niger, Guinea and Egypt.

Among the guests were Foreign Minister Robert Dussey, on the initiative of the meeting, Nicolas Berlanga-Martinez, the European ambassador to Togo and Khardiata Lo N’Diaye, the UNDP representative.

This Week of Integration is intended as a forum for exchanges and meetings in a country with a long tradition of hosting.

Opening of the second edition of the Week of African Integration

African Integration Week opened in Lomé on Monday. Five days of debates and seminars on the theme of youth and integration.

Many foreign communities live in Togo, sometimes for decades, it is the case of Ghanaians, Senegalese, Ivorians, Guineas, Beninese or Burkinabés.

This meeting initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a place of exchange and encounter.

Several African ambassadors participated in the first day which was inaugurated by the representative of Niger in Togo and president of the African ambassadors.

Second edition of the African Integration Week

The Togolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration is organizing the second edition of the African Integration Week on 22 and 24 May. According to the head of Togolese diplomacy, Robert Dussey, this edition will be marked by a series of cultural events.

African integration is the free movement of goods and movements throughout the African continent. It requires above all political will, harmonization of policies, establishment of continental institutions and a unit of action.

For Professor Robert Dussey, African integration necessarily involves the promotion of peace, unity, solidarity, cohesion and cooperation between African States and their peoples.
It is to join the act to the word that the department in charge of African integration has organized since last year, the eponymous week. The event, which is a perpetual event, responds to the Togolese government’s commitment to grant foreigners living in Togo the full enjoyment of their rights to sub-regional and continental integration.
For this 2nd edition, the theme chosen is: youth and integration. Seminars, debates and a series of cultural events are planned. There will also be folk dances troops from different communities, and tasting of African food.

The communities of Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Gabon, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Guinea, among others who live in Togo are expected this week. According to the program, the activities will take place at the Agora Senghor media library in Lomé and within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Official visit of Minister Robert Dussey to Zambia: Press Release

Lusaka, on 11 March 2017


At the invitation of his Zambian counterpart, the Honorable Harry KALABA, Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Professor Robert DUSSEY, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration of the Republic of Togo, made an official visit from 9th to 11 March 2017 in the Zambian capital, Lusaka. During the visit, the Minister was received by the President of the Republic of Zambia, H.E Mr. Edgar Chagwa LUNGU.

At the end of the hearing, Minister Robert DUSSEY, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Togo HE Mr. Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, sent a message to his host of the presidency on the many crises that threaten peace, security, Stability and development of Africa and the world. The head of the Togolese diplomacy has therefore accepted on behalf of the President of the Republic the invitation of the Zambian President addressed to his Togolese counterpart to go to Lusaka for an official visit.

During their working session, in terms of bilateral cooperation, the head of the Togolese diplomacy and his Zambian counterpart welcomed the quality of relations between Zambia and Togo. They also decided the cancellation of the entry visa between Togo and Zambia. The two Ministers reaffirmed their firm commitment to combating terrorism and extremism in all their forms and agreed to pool their efforts with other countries and partners such as the United Nations ( UN) and the African Union (AU).

About the African Union, the Head of Zambian Diplomacy congratulated Togo for the perfect organization of the African Union Summit on Maritime Security, Safety and Development in Africa and confirmed the upcoming signature of the Charter of Lomé by his country.

Following the President of the Republic of Zambia, the Minister of Zambia, Honorable Harry KALABA congratulated Togolese President, HE Mr Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, for his leadership and numerous diplomatic initiatives in the service of Africa. He also indicated that the Republic of Zambia is officially supporting the Africa-Israel Summit in October 2017 in Lomé.

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