Installation of the 77 HCTE Country Delegates: Speech by Minister Robert Dussey

Mr. President of the Independent Electoral Commission of the HCTE,
Ambassador, President of the organizing committee of the Forum,
Ladies and Gentlemen the Delegates country,
Distinguished guests,
Dear friends of the media,

The worthy sons of the nation are present when the country calls them and the presence among us on this day of the elected Delegates of the High Council of Togolese Abroad reflects their attachment to our country. By returning to the fold this week, you have, ladies and gentlemen, answered a call from the motherland and I would like to express to you the pride of the nation to welcome you to your homeland.

I would also like to wish you, in the name of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE and the Government, the warm and fraternal welcome to the land of our forefathers. Your presence at the HCTE-Diaspora Success Stories Forum demonstrates your sense of community. The destiny of a country is built and the Government wants to build Togo’s with you. In its march towards better-being, our country is entitled to expect more involvement of the diaspora on all issues, including development issues.

Ladies and gentlemen,

“There are two ways to be creative. We can sing and dance or we can create an environment where singers and dancers can grow, “says Warren BENNIS. The Government has opted for the second path and is working to provide the diaspora with the essential basic functional capabilities. When the diaspora succeeds, and it is the conviction of the Government, Togo wins. By working to succeed, each of our compatriots, wherever they are, helps our country succeed.

Ladies and Gentlemen the Delegates,

The Government sees the diaspora as a development partner and appreciates your commitment to this forum where you will be installed and built on the scope of the mission and your responsibilities.

You have chosen to fulfill a noble mission, that of being the ambassadors of your diaspora peers to the Government and in your countries of residence. This two-day event will enable you to better understand your roles, the powers and status of the Country Delegates, the relations between the Country Delegates and the diplomatic and consular missions of our country as well as to have useful information on the facilities and possibilities. that the nation offers to the diaspora by way of accompaniment and assistance to the initiative.

The nation and the Government rely on your sense of responsibility and commitment to serve Togo. You must take sides for the development of our country and work individually in its area of ​​representation following the principles of decentralization and subsidiarity, but also in synergy. You must dare to act and pool your experiences for more efficiency in your actions. “The true generosity towards the future is to give everything to the present,” said Albert CAMUS. In the future, you will work to give everything to the republican fatherland.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Given the importance of the mission of the HCTE country delegates, I would like to invite you to understand your mandate as a mandate of service to Togolese Abroad and the entire national community. Because there is no choice without commitment, sometimes without sacrifice, the choice to be a delegate commits you to work for the cause of national development.

Finally, I would like to invite you to make the most of the forum and your stay in the homeland. I declare open the activities of the Forum “HCTE – Diaspora success stories”.

Long live the Togolese Nation

Long live the Diaspora.

Thank you.