​​1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad carried out the first census of Togolese living abroad in 2022. This is a first in the history of Togo from an innovative, open and inclusive digital platform allowing free access and registration for all Togolese wherever they are in the world.

2. The main challenge of the census is to identify Togolese living outside national borders, to know them better, to control their geographical distribution throughout the world and to provide our country with a reliable database.

3. The database will make it possible to better promote and mobilize the skills, expertise, wealth, networks, assets and all the potentialities of the Togolese diaspora in order to transform its demographic and geostrategic asset into an economic and social dividend in the interest of the country.

4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad today publishes the results of the first census of Togolese in the diaspora, putting the number at 950,436, i.e. 44.18% women and 55.82% % of men.

5. The publication of these results comes a few weeks after that of the results of the5th Census General of Population and Housing (RGPH-5) and a communication relating to the subject in the Council of Ministers on Monday, May 08, 2023.

6. The results are available on the sites https://recensement.diaspora.tg and www.diasporatogo.org and can be consulted from the presentation document entitled « Publication of the results of the first census of Togolese abroad carried out in 2022 ».

7. The Government togolais would like to thank, in addition to the technical and financial partners, in particular the IOM, all the technical teams and stakeholders, mainly the diplomatic missions and consular posts of our country, the High Council of Togolese Abroad (HCTE) and Country Delegates, associations of the Togolese diaspora, the media as well as all Togolese abroad, for having participated in the success of this census which will help to better serve our compatriots living abroad and to involve them more in the patriotic work of national construction.

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