1. H.E. Prof. Robert DUSSEY, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad, took part, from February 17 to 19, 2023 in Munich in the Federal Republic of Germany, in the 59th Munich Security Conference (MSC ). This participation comes following the invitation addressed to the head of the Togolese diplomacy by His Excellency Christoph HEUSGEN, Ambassador, President of the Munich Conference on Security.
  1. Apart from the question relating to the war in Europe and its implications on a global level, the 2023 edition of MSC was, once again, the opportunity for the eminent participants to lead high-level debates and to propose approaches to solutions. to issues of major concern that threaten peace in the world, namely: defense, climate change, world order, human security and technology.
  1. During this conference, Minister Robert DUSSEY moderated a high-level panel on the situation in the Sahel, in particular terrorism and violent extremism which threaten the peace and stability of African States and undermine their development efforts.
  1. Minister Robert DUSSEY, after having identified the root causes of terrorism and violent extremism in the Sahel, invited the States to work more on socio-economic inequalities, to carry out projects that could help build trust with the grassroots communities and build the capacity of the defense forces to ensure peace and security in the regions affected by the phenomenon.
  1. The Panel assessed the progress made and the means implemented so far to fight against terrorism and violent extremism and redefined new avenues of solutions that could help overcome this scourge in the Sahel with all actors, taking into account the strategic choices of the governments of the countries concerned.
  1. On the sidelines of the work of the Conference, Minister Robert DUSSEY had several meetings with his counterparts from the Federal Republic of Germany, Latvia, Slovenia and the Netherlands.
  1. With H.E. Mrs. Annalena BAERBOCK from Germany, the discussions focused on the cooperation relations between Germany and Africa in general and between Germany and Togo in particular. The two ministers welcomed the exemplary nature of their relations based on a dynamic win-win partnership. Mrs. Annalena BAEBOCK congratulated Togo for the efforts it is making in the context of its socio-economic development, the fight against terrorism as well as in the consolidation of peace and security in the Sahel region. On this occasion, H.E Prof. Robert DUSSEY expressed the gratitude of the Togolese government to Germany both for its support in the implementation of the 2020-2025 government roadmap and for its commitment to the fight against terrorism in Africa. He invited Germany to further support the socio-economic initiatives put in place in several areas to ensure the resilience of the populations affected by the phenomenon.
  1. Minister Robert DUSSEY also had fruitful exchanges on the strengthening of bilateral relations and on peace initiatives in the Sahel with his counterparts from Latvia, Slovenia and the Netherlands.
  1. The head of Togolese diplomacy also had a meeting with H.E. Ms. Melanie HUML, Bavarian Minister for International and European Affairs. The strengthening of ties between Bavaria and Togo were on the menu of the exchanges


  1. Also on the sidelines of the Conference, Minister Robert DUSSEY took part in the GIZ panel on “the security dimension of critical resources in Africa” where his intervention was welcomed.
  1. Finally, H.E Prof. Robert DUSSEY was invited to share during an interactive session with young leaders from Europe, America, Asia and Africa his perfect knowledge of the challenges facing the African continent. Interventions focused on security issues, climate change challenges, post-Cotonou negotiations and other related issues of concern to the continent.

Done in Munich, February 19, 2023.

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