Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese Abroad - Togo
Chief Negotiator of ACP Group for Post-Cotonou 2020 agreement - Professor of Political Philosophy

Prof. Robert Dussey

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese Abroad - Togo
Chief Negotiator of ACP Group for Post-Cotonou 2020 agreement - Professor of Political Philosophy

Excellence Award 2022 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For the 8th time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad celebrates excellence by awarding its best agents during a solemn ceremony which took place on December 06, 2022 at 11 a.m., at the minister’s hotel.

This tradition, instituted since 2014 by H.E. Prof. Robert DUSSEY, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad, aims to honor the most deserving ministry officials who have distinguished themselves, during the year, by the commitment and determination in the exercise of their various functions. The objective is to encourage the staff to show their self-transcendence for the influence of Togolese diplomacy in the world.

Unlike past editions, this 8th edition has seen major innovations with the creation, in addition to the prizes for excellence, the best secretary and staff, a new category, the prize for the best team manager and two other prizes for each category.

The evaluation process officially launched on October 5, 2022 was marked by the following three stages:

  • a rating of candidates in the various departments of the ministry based, among other things, on the objective criteria of punctuality, physical presentation, speed and quality in the processing of files, respect for the hierarchy of relations with colleagues, the qualities managerial as well as respect for public affairs;
  • a “peer evaluation” which reveals the appreciation of the agent by his colleagues: the staff members designate by vote, from a list of agents nominated by the directors, the one they consider most deserving. This phase counts for 25% for study managers (Prize of Excellence), 25% for heads of division (Prize for best team manager), 50% for secretaries (Prize for best secretary) and 50% for the staff price (drivers, cleaners and others);
  • and an assessment of professional aptitudes and skills by a neutral and independent jury made available to the ministry by the national employment agency (ANPE), which is joined by a former Togolese ambassador or an expert in diplomacy and international relations. The evaluation by the jury represents 75% for study managers and heads of division and 50% for secretaries and staff.

At the end of this process, the winners of the 2022 Excellence Awards are:

  • Best Team Manager Award

1st: Mr. YEKPLE Komlan Dodji A, head of the Africa and Asia division in the political affairs department;

2nd: Mr. TONAGA Essohanam Stéphane, Head of the Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation Division at the International Cooperation Department;

3rd: Mr. OURO-BODI Tchakpide, head of the division of the candidatures, the promotion and the placement of the executives at the direction of the international organizations.

  • Award of Excellence

1st: Mr. ADOM Sodou, IT specialist;

2nd: Mr. TEDIHOU Banissam Bakley, in charge of studies in the direction of administrative and financial affairs;

3rd: Ms. SOUNTOUMA Magma, in charge of studies at the political affairs department.

  • Prize for the best secretary

clerk: Ms. LINDA Ayaa, private secretary to the director of international cooperation;

2nd: Mrs. ESSAFA Amivi, private secretary to the Minister;

3rd: Mrs ASSIMTI Abah Brigitte, private secretary to the Director of State Protocol.

  • Staff awards

1st: Mr. LARE Bayamingatb, clerk in charge of mail at the General Secretariat;

2nd: Mr. GADEKPEKOU Komitse Pierre, surface technician; 3rd: Mr. PATCHASSIDO Ako, vaguemestre.

The winners win envelopes and lots of equipment.

As a reminder, the Excellence Award was obtained by Mr. TCHASSANTI Bassirou (2014), Mr. TCHALARE Abdel-Kader Yasmin (2015), Mr. SOULEY Abdel Kahar (2016), Mr. BODE Manafi (2017), Mr. FARE Gbandi (2018) and Mr. NOUWODOU Sokémawu (2019), Mr. AMADOU Ibrahim (2021).

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