Goodbye dinner in honor of US Ambassador David Gilmour

‘Action does not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action’. Quoting American author William James, Foreign Minister Robert Dussey paid a warm tribute on Monday night to David Gilmour, the US ambassador, who has completed his mission in Togo.

Il a salué ‘non seulement le diplomate exceptionnel que vous êtes, mais aussi l’ensemble des actions que vous avez entreprises au cours de votre mission  au côté du gouvernement en faveur de ses populations’.

Les Togolais ont, et garderont de vous, l’image d’un diplomate exemplaire, a souligné M. Dussey. 

‘History is the ally of men who forge history because they know how to remember them and their actions. Posterity will tell you and diplomatic memories of our two countries: an American diplomat by the name of David Gilmour lived in Togo from 2015 to 2019, concluded the Togolese diplomat.